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Build trust in your software
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Empower your organization with Scribe’s robust Software Supply Chain Security solution, the industry’s first evidence-based software security trust hub. Scribe introduces a new level of transparency and control over the risk factors in your software factory and artifacts and brings continuous trust throughout the entire software development and delivery process, enabling the production and consumption of secure software, without compromising development speed or time to market.

Scribe continuously attests to your software's security and trustworthiness

At Scribe, we recognize the delicate balance between security and operational efficiency, where every security decision impacts product delivery, customer service, time to market, and ultimately, your revenue.

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Secure your code.

Complete Visibility of Your Risk Map
Gain full VISIBILITY of your software assets, risk factors and dependencies with the leading SBOM and software trust management system
A Fully Governed Development Processes
Effectively CONTROL and MITIGATE risks in your software factory and artifacts by implementing automated SDLC guardrails, without impeding dev speed
Continuous, Evidence-Based Compliance
Build trust and DEMONSTRATE compliance with customers' requirements, industry standards, and evolving regulation via automatically collected attestations
Validate Your Code Integrity and Provenance
DETECT and PREVENT software tampering and CI/CD exploitations by automating continuous code signing and attestations

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Immediate Value for Security Teams and Developers

Secure your software while improving time-to-market
Scribe Security | Continuous code integrity

Software Trust Hub

Scribe is a SaaS solution that provides continuous assurance for the security and trustworthiness of your software artifacts and factory, acting as a trust center between software producers and consumers. Scribe's centralized software trust management system enables you to effortlessly generate, manage, and selectively share your products’ SBOMs and risk factors in a controlled and automated manner. With Scribe’s advanced analytics, reports and dashboards, you can make informed decisions to reduce risk and build trust with customers.

Trusted Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

SDLC Governance & Compliance

Scribe empowers you to implement security by design and by default into your pipelines. Stakeholders can apply any policy guardrail over the collected attestations to enforce SDLC policies and governance without hindering agile development and delivery. Scribe also allows demonstrating compliance to any set of policies, standards, and requirements, such as SSDF, CIS, or SLSA.

Continuous code reputation throughout product life cycle

Software Integrity and Provenance

Scribe allows you to automatically and continuously sign your code and AI models at every stage, along with the development process and tools that made them. It enables you to proactively detect and address unauthorized changes and malicious interventions in your software components, artifacts, development processes, and tools. Scribe validates the integrity and provenance of the software at every stage, with full tracking of all software components throughout the development lifecycle, from source to delivery.

Secure development processes and delivery pipelines

Observability and Attestations

Scribe helps manage the risk inherent in your software artifacts and regain control over your software development lifecycle using the latest attestation concepts and technology. Scribe automatically and seamlessly generates, collects and signs evidence from SCMs, CI tools, build servers, container registries, and admission controllers. It uses signed evidence to attest to the resulting product integrity and security. Your attestations are cryptographically signed utilizing your own PKI or Sigstore.


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Actionable Insights for Timely Risk Mitigation and Continuous Improvement

Scribe policies and rule engines rapidly alert you to threats or even stop them in real time. Integrate them as guardrails into the CI/CD pipelines for timely and effective mitigation and continuous process improvement to more effectively secure code from future attacks.

Auditable Compliance with Security Policy and Industry Standards

Scribe enables you to implement, monitor, and enforce SDLC policies and governance to enhance software risk posture. With Scribe, you can demonstrate the compliance necessary for your business, be it customer requirements, industry standards, or regulations, with “shift left” or without it.

The Confidence That Comes with an Effective End-to-End Solution

Scribe delivers a comprehensive security solution for the entire software delivery life cycle and a platform that aligns your developers, DevOps, and security team. Simplify the SDLC process while sharing security responsibilities between development and security teams. Empower security teams with the capabilities to exercise their responsibility, streamlining security control without impeding dev team deliverables.

Easy Deployment, Frictionless Operation, High Performance

Scribe integrates seamlessly with your existing work processes and your development environment. SCRIBE's streamlined deployment and frictionless operation promote optimal performance of your development pipeline with no additional workload for developers. Automate the intricate software development lifecycle, enabling comprehensive inventory management and robust policy guardrails.

Unprecedented Transparency

Scribe provides unparalleled visibility to your development environment and beyond your "event horizon", both upstream and downstream of your software supply chain. With SCRIBE, the DevOps team can see everything that happens to code across their CI/CD pipelines. And software developers can be assured that the artifacts they use and the code they deliver are safe and secure. SCRIBE aligns DevOps, developers, and security experts and positions them to work more seamlessly and productively together.