Secure your software products, CI/CD pipelines, and SDLC processes
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Secure and build trust in your software products and factory without compromising development speed

Scribe is a holistic software supply chain platform for managing SDLC risk and securing your software factory and products from development to deployment. We implement zero trust, continuous assurance, attestation concepts, and SDLC-guardrails-as-code to enhance products’ security and trustworthiness while reducing friction with development teams and speeding up your time to market.

Scribe continuously attests to your software's security and trustworthiness

Scribe attests to every software release’s security and integrity by comprehensively generating, gathering, and signing evidence from every build. This evidence spans the code artifacts (multi-stage SBOM), dev infrastructure posture, and SDLC processes.

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Secure your code.

Complete Visibility Of Your SDLC Risk Posture
Gain full VISIBILITY of your software assets, risk factors, and dependencies with the leading SBOM management and ASPM system
Frictionless SDLC Governance
MITIGATE risks in your software factory and artifacts by implementing automated SDLC policy-as-code-guardrails without impeding dev speed
Continuous Attestation-Based Compliance
DEMONSTRATE compliance with customers' requirements, industry standards, and regulations via automatically collected signed evidence
Prevent Software Tampering
DETECT and PREVENT CI/CD exploitations by automating continuous code signing, integrity, provenance, and attestations

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SCRIBE - The Primary Elements of Software Security

Secure and earn trust in your product throughout its life cycle

Observability and Attestations

Scribe automatically and seamlessly generates, collects, and signs all security-related evidence from SCMs and CI tools, builds servers, container registries, and admission controllers. It links the discovered entities into code to production chains. It then uses signed evidence to attest to the resulting product integrity and security. Your attestations are cryptographically signed utilizing your own PKI or Sigstore.

Secure development processes and delivery pipelines

Detect and Prevent Software Tampering

Scribe allows you to automatically and continuously sign your code and AI models at every stage, along with the SDLC process and tools that made them. It enables you to proactively detect and address unauthorized changes and malicious interventions in your software components, artifacts, development processes, and tools. Scribe validates the integrity and provenance of your code at every stage, from source to delivery.


Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) and Beyond

Scribe enhances software development security by meticulously tracking and verifying every aspect of the software pipeline and every stage of product development while ingesting any AST results from tools you already use. This allows for vulnerability prioritization, rapid detection and remediation of risks, and establishment of a tamper-proof audit trail. With Scribe’s Analytics, you can make informed decisions to reduce risk and respond quickly.

Continuous code reputation throughout product life cycle

SBOM-Centric Software Trust Hub

Scribe provides continuous assurance for the security and trustworthiness of your software artifacts and factory, acting as a trust center between software producers and consumers. Scribe enables you to generate, manage, and share your Software Bill of Material (SBOM), advisories (VEX), and proof of compliance in a controlled, smooth, and automated manner. We provide our own SCA and can ingest any 3rd party SBOM.

Scribe Security | Continuous code integrity

Frictionless SDLC Governance

Scribe empowers you to develop products secured by design and by default. Our policy-as-code approach to implementing guardrails into your SDLC allows for flexible and robust security governance across the software development lifecycle, enabling automatic verification and enforcement of any policy at any stage without hindering agile development and delivery.

Automate your Compliance

Scribe makes it easy to demonstrate compliance with any set of standards and requirements, such as SSDF, SLSA, or any custom policy. Automating continuous compliance reports for every build enables you to meet regulatory requirements effortlessly.