Manage and Control Open Source Risk in Your Supply Chain

As a software producer, you can use Scribe to apply security guardrails to your SDLC based on security posture, risk analysis of open-source dependencies, and development practices. You can also use Scribe to share with your customers select attestations about your compliance and software’s security.

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Scribe collect external sources

Scribe integrates with data sources to track and analyze risks in open-source dependencies. These integrations offer up-to-date intelligence. Some of these sources include:

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To secure the supply chain, Scribe continuously generates and collects the following types of evidence. For instance, on every build run:

Software bills of materials of assets and artifacts such as source code, package managers, build artifacts, and build agents

Hash values of artifacts and tools in the SDLC toolchain

Findings from scans for vulnerabilities

Security-related settings from dev tools

Information about SDLC events such as code commits, user IDs, code reviews