Manage Supply Chain Risks in an On-Prem Use Case

As a software producer, you can use Scribe to apply security guardrails to your SDLC based on security posture, risk analysis of open-source dependencies, and enforcement of development practices.

On prem image

On-prem deployment of Scribe’s tool set facilitates supply chain risk management through continuous collection and signing of security-related evidence throughout all stages of the SDLC

Along ‘mainstream’  cloud-native use cases, we see a steady demand to achieve the same level of supply chain assurance from organizations with a segregated development environment – either with limited connectivity to public SaaS services via security gateways or completely air-gapped.

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These stages provide a practical implementation of an on-prem deployment of Scribe’s solution

Stage 1

Collecting, signing, and storing the evidence

Stage 2

External OSINT sources - bridging the (air) gap

Stage 3

Evaluating policy compliance

Stage 4

Judgment day - enforce or alert