Proactively Protect Your CI/CD Pipeline by Managing Related Risks

Automated CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipelines are used to speed up development. However, having been built for speed and ease of use means that most pipelines are not inherently built with security in mind.

CI/CD pipelines are notoriously opaque as to what exactly takes place inside. Yes, you do write the list of instructions—but how sure are you that everything happens exactly as described? And even worse, most pipelines are completely ephemeral, so even if something bad did happen there are no traces left behind.

Scribe’s platform continuously measures the CI/CD security posture

Scribe continuously measures the CI/CD security posture against best practices such as SLSA, CIS, and ESF. It signs the code and validates the integrity of the build, sharing an integrity badge with the build consumers.

Moreover, Scribe applies a policy for controlling access of containers into production.

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Comply with NIST SP 800-218 (SSDF)

CI/CD posture management

A secure SDLC is crucial to securing the software supply chain. CI/CD posture management automates discovery and enforces security practices. 

Visibility into SDLC and secure infrastructure use in development environments is a challenge for enterprises. 

CI/CD posture management must include server authentication, restrictions on public repos/buckets, and key expiration. Limiting risky development practices, such as executing unverified resources and referencing externally altered images, improves software security and reduces supply chain attack risk.

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There are a few ways to improve your pipeline or network security, regardless of the tools or CI/CD platform you're using:

Threat modeling

Network segmentation

Monitoring & alerting

Secrets management

RBAC principle combined with least privilege

With Scribe, You Gain Unprecedented Transparency

Unparalleled Visibility

Scribe provides unmatched visibility to your development environment and beyond, into your "event horizon" both upstream and downstream of your software supply chain.

Ensure Secure Code

With Scribe, DevOps teams can see all code changes across CI/CD pipelines. Software developers can be confident that the artifacts they use and the code they deliver are safe.

Alignment of Goals

By aligning DevOps, developers, and security experts, Scribe makes for more seamless and productive work.