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Gain full visibility and mitigate risk in software assets and development
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Centralized Software Risk Management Platform
Create, manage, and share your software’s security aspects: SBOMs, vulnerabilities, advisories, licenses, reputation, exploitability, scorecards, SDLC security posture, code integrity, etc. Consistently manage this risk with Scribe’s advanced risk analytics and dashboards.
Build and deploy secure software
Detect code tampering and software factory exploitations by continuously signing and verifying source code, container images, software artifacts and CI/CD configuration throughout every stage of your pipelines.
Automate and simplify SDLC security to control risk
Automate the intricate software development lifecycle by frictionless collection of evidence from your software factory. Control the risk by translating security and business logic into streamlined security guardrails that verify your SDLC policy based on trusted evidence.
Enable transparency. Improve delivery speed
Empower security teams with the capabilities they need to exercise their responsibility, streamlining security control without impeding dev team deliverables.
Enforce policies. Demonstrate compliance
Monitor and guardrail SDLC policies and governance to enhance software risk posture and demonstrate the compliance necessary for your business.
Security-evidence store for builds
  • Automatically generate SBOMs and various types of attestations for every build, straight from the CI pipeline
Security-evidence store for builds
Enriching SBOMs with actionable insights:
  • Get alerts on new vulnerabilities
  • Provide context to vulnerabilities in your product (VEX advisories)
  • Provenance of code components and dependencies
Enriching SBOMs with actionable insights:
Code integrity assurance
  • Validate the integrity and provenance of your containers and artifacts
  • Ensure no malicious modifications were made
Code integrity assurance
Govern security policies, per product or pipeline
  • Monitor and set up guardrails to development processes
  • Achieve demonstrable compliance with SLSA, SSDF or any other set of requirements
Govern security policies, per product or pipeline

How does Scribe Platform work? A look under the hood

Scribe collectors integrate with your CI/CD to generate Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) at every stage, collect evidence and context of the process, sign code components, create attestation and enforce policy (if enabled).
The information (evidence, not code) is encrypted and transferred to Scribe’s secure cloud (SaaS) or to on-prem repository, where it is parsed, sorted and analyzed.
Scribe Software trust hub is accessible via any browser. Here you have access to the evidence, risk information and insights, advanced analytics, management console, security alerts, trust dashboards, compliance reports, team settings, sharing options, and more.