Scribe Platform

Build trust in the software you produce or use, across teams and organizations

Generate, manage and share SBOMs, validate integrity, and track vulnerabilities of your containers, dependencies, and pipelines
Scribe Platform

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Hosted service of SBOM management and sharing capabilities
Retain and share with stakeholders the software bill of materials (SBOM) of your products along with evidence on their secure development and build.
SBOM enrichment with actionable insights
Gain insight on your builds’ external dependencies vulnerabilities, reputation and provenance.
Validate your container integrity to ensure no malicious modifications were made
Benefit from Scribe’s proprietary package intelligence and source code tracking that validates the integrity of the containers you build.
CI/CD security and governance
Analyze gaps and define security policies across your CI/CD pipelines for every build.
Demonstrable compliance with SLSA and SSDF
Generate and share a detailed compliance report with analysis of gaps, and suggest remediation.
Security-evidence store for builds
  • Automatically generate SBOMs and attestations for every build, straight from the CI pipeline
Security-evidence store for builds
Enriching SBOMs with actionable insights:
  • Alerts on new vulnerabilities
  • Context to vulnerabilities in your product (VEX)
  • Provenance of code components and dependencies
Enriching SBOMs with actionable insights:
Code integrity assurance
  • Validate the integrity of your containers
  • Ensure no malicious modifications were made
Code integrity assurance
Define and enforce security policies, per product or pipeline
  • Govern development processes
  • Achieve demonstrable compliance with SLSA and SSDF
Define and enforce security policies, per product or pipeline

How does Scribe Platform work? A look under the hood

Scribe collectors integrate with your software pipelines to create attestation of the integrity and provenance of the built artifacts, in addition to a software bill of materials (SBOM).
The information is analyzed and managed in Scribe platform where you can share it with stakeholders.