Building transparent trust for the entire software supply chain with a security trust hub



The challenge: The growing problem of software supply chain attacks is not yet matched by growing protections


How are you going to build transparent trust for your entire software supply chain?


In this WP you can find:

  • The inherent risks and vulnerabilities  in software supply chains
  • How to mitigate supply chain risk with SBOMs
  • What is a security trust hubs? And why is it an emerging standard?
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In this webinar Tom Alrich and Barak Brudo will discuss how you can fix the fact that VEX is far from being ready, but yet very…
Researchers found a 633% year-over-year increase in software supply chain attacks in 2022 so far, and there has been an annual, overall increase of 742% since 2019. In this Episode, Barak Brudo (Developer Relations Advocate at Scribe Security) and I have discussed some of the finer points of Software Supply Chain Security, from what it is to what you can do today to make your company’s code much more secure (hint, use an SBOM).
The SolarWinds attack definitely served as a wake-up call to so many of us in the industry. It can happen to anyone. As Tim put it himself: "The adversary is very real". You can now watch the recording of the session with Tim and learn from the insights and actions his team took after the attack to increase their resilience to software supply chain attacks and prevent them in the future.