Drive Success 5 SSC Compliance Strategies for the Automotive Industr

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Watch industry experts Arun DeSouza (Hall of Fame CISO & Executive Advisory Board Member at Cyera), Ran I. (VP of Strategy and Product at Argus Cyber Security) and Rubi Arbel (CEO at Scribe Security) in this insightful webinar into the latest strategies and compliance standards shaping the automotive industry’s SSC landscape.

Delve into critical topics including regulatory frameworks such as UNR 155/ WP29 and emerging mandates under the Biden executive order 14028, notably the NIST 800-218 (SSDF) guidelines, along with the pivotal EU Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). This session uniquely spotlights best practices tailored for both software producers and consumers/integrators (OEMs/Tier 1 suppliers), offering actionable insights to optimize SSC processes.

These industry experts forecast trends and pivotal shifts, providing invaluable foresight into the trajectory of SSC in automotive innovation and compliance. Don’t miss this opportunity to align your strategies with the forefront of automotive SSC excellence and regulatory adherence.

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