From Application Security to Software Supply Chain Security – Whitepaper

A New Approach Is Needed

There’s a rising trend of cyber attacks directed at the software supply chain, as well as recent regulatory advancements and best practice frameworks that have arisen in response to this growing danger.

There’s a need for a fresh strategy to secure your software supply chain, surpassing current application security measures. 

We will illustrate why current investments in application security offer some protection but do not entirely mitigate your cyber security risks in this area. Finally, we will outline what is necessary to complement them for full protection.

This WP covers:

  • Why securing the software supply chain is important
  • The roles of the different stakeholders in the organization
  • Why current AppSec measures are no longer sufficient
  • The emerging role of software supply chain security

Download the WP to make sure your software supply chain is sufficiently protected.

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