How to utilize Scribe’s Valint for continuous integrity validation?

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Scribe recently released a new tool called Valint. Valiant stands for Validation Integrity and it’s a powerful tool meant to provide organizations with a way to enforce security policies using the simple concept of signing and verifying data. It provides a mechanism for compliance and transparency, both for internal content and for 3rd party tools and code. Valint is capable of generating and verifying evidence for a range of targets, including directories, file artifacts, images, and git repositories and you can choose to use it as a stand-alone CLI tool, unrelated to the rest of the Scribe platform.

How can you set up policies with Valint? How do you integrate it with your -SDLC and build pipeline? How does using Valint differ from employing some other sign-verify tool like Sigstore? To answer these questions and many more Barak Brudo, Scribe’s DevRel hosted Scribe’s lead developer Mikey Strauss and Scribe’s CTO, Danny (Daniel) Nebenzahl. Watch this recording to learn how to make your SDLC and pipelines more secure based on your own needs and policies